10 Awesome Tesla Mods Diehard Fans Will Appreciate

Sure, the Tesla is a dream car for most but that doesn’t mean they can’t come with some upgrades. The point of a dream is that it’s personalized to you, right? Some of these upgrades are DIY hacks you can do with a little bit of confidence and a wrench, and some are done by seriously niche services that cater to a special group of Tesla lovers. The point is, with a little digging there’s an entire world of Tesla modifications as innovative as the car itself and a lot of really reliable advice. But, obviously, some of these modifications are cooler than others–these next ones sure are.


Armormax is an international company that deals entirely with armoring things. It’s in the name. Anything you want can be armored–it’s pretty scary when you check out their list of achievements. So, want to build a bomb shelter? Or how about converting your car into a bomb shelter on wheels? That actually sounds way more useful. Armormax is more than happy to provide the ultimate level of protection to your Tesla–the metal parts as well as glass parts. Specifically, they’ll sell you the Tesla S with this reinforced exterior. It’s not as flashy as a new paint job, but it’s way cooler when you know it’s there.


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