Looking For Budget Friendly Travel Destinations in Europe?

It’s a land resounding with royal histories seemingly straight from the storybooks, where kings and queens once walked in gilded palaces. Europe is home to legends, panoramic beauty, and artistic heritage, and is nothing less than regal. In one of their classic one-liners, Lonely Planet describes it as a “fairytale castle,” and even if you had the courage to disagree with such an expert, you wouldn’t have the grounds. There seems to be magic lurking around every corner of the continent, making Europe one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the world.

And there are so many ways to start wandering into this labyrinth of myths and wonders. You could start the adventure in Florence, where the Renaissance was born, or in the quiet beauty of Holland, where windmills embellish the wide-open skies. How about the Swiss Alps, where snow-capped mountains become the canvass of lush green fields and deep blue lakes? Or the Scottish Highlands, where century-old castles still stand almost perfect? As you turn your head around, you’ll find yourself lost in a real-life wonderland – until an inescapable dread of the money leaking from your pocket brings you back to reality.

But there’s no need to worry (sigh of relief) because there is absolutely no reason to stop yourself from undertaking the great European exploration. Below, we’ve listed the 10 friendliest budget travel destinations in Europe, enough to spark that thrill of conquest and adventure as you discover the magic of the continent with your own eyes, minus a vicious vacuum cleaner stubbornly cleaning out your funds.

P.S. If you want a few tips on how to travel cheaply when you arrive at your low budget destination, you can hoover up these handy tips: How to travel cheap in Europe.

Travel Destinations in Europe Tip #1
Prague, Czech Republic

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