10 Concept Cars That Chrysler Should Have Built

Last week, CEO Sergio Marchionne announced some major changes to brands like Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Jeep, and Fiat as part of the automaker’s five-year strategy. While we’re definitely excited for new vehicles like the 600-horsepower (447-kilowatt) Alfa GTV, and the long-awaited Maserati Alfieri, suspiciously absent from the announcement was Chrysler. While the American automaker didn’t go the way of the dodo as rumored, there’s still a lot of mystery as to what will happen going forward.

In anticipation, we’ve decided to celebrate some of the best and most beautiful concept cars Chrysler has ever built, and hope that some of them make their way to the lineup soon – in some form or another. From classics like the Ghia-designed D’Elegance, to more modern examples like the powerful ME Four-Twelve and the fully electric Portal SUV, these are the 10 most memorable concept cars to ever come from the Chrysler brand.

1952 Chrysler D’Elegance Concept

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Chrysler built some really pretty cars – but arguably none were as stunning as this Ghia-designed concept. The Chrysler D’Elegance was scheduled for a limited production run of 25 examples, but never made its way to the road. Still, it remains one of the most beautiful cars to ever come from the American marque.
1952 Chrysler D’Elegance Concept

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