10 Concept Cars That Made It To The Streets

The concept car is one of the most important aspects of the automotive industry. If there are no concept cars, then there will be no production model. The automakers utilize the concept cars to see what the consumer has an appetite for and if the car has much of a splash, then the model will usually make it to production in some form or another.

Some of the most popular cars nowadays started out as mere concepts and when the market was ready, the automaker sent the car to production. Then, there are some models such as the Pontiac Aztek that were sent to the market anyway and became legendary flops.

During the last few decades, we’ve seen an abundance of concept cars which became production models, introducing the world and the automotive industry to some new concepts which really pushed the envelope for design and what a car really should be. Car designers are some of the most creative people on the planet, so naturally, creating a car from scratch and sending it to market can be an exhilarating experience like nothing else.

However, we’ve also seen many concept cars which were deemed too extreme or otherwise overbearing in many aspects and these cars were flops as well. What we are going to be taking a look at are the concept cars that made it, and went on to become a piece of the current automotive landscape by offering something different than the status quo.

1997 MINI ACV 30

Quite a few years before the Mini actually made its return to the U.S. market, the 1997 Mini ACV 30 took the world by storm and showed us what the future car might look like.

The Mini-Cooper is a sales success in many aspects, with a loyal customer base that has remained fiercely defensive of the car. The 1997 Mini ACV 30 was an interesting concept, at a time when SUV models were roaming the streets and taking all of the sales attention away from smaller and more fuel-efficient cars.

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