10 Concept Cars That Will Change Everything

As for the future production of this car, Aspark has said that there will be a small batch of cars produced soon and they will most likely be available for purchase at a price tag of 4 million dollars.


The Lexus-LF-C2 was first shown at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, so it has been in concept for quite some time, but Lexus’ website still has it listed as a concept, so we know it’s coming. Well equipped with a 306 horsepower V6 and luxurious with a gorgeous roadster design, I think that this will be a good launch for Lexus, considering they haven’t had the best history with convertibles.

The new design is pretty awesome, especially with the front end, it looks luxurious. There isn’t much word on when it will be released, but considering the amount of time it has spent in design, most likely soon.


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