10 Of The Ugliest Concept Cars

We’re in the last legs and while the year has been filled with some of the coolest concept cars we’ve seen in a while, it also had its fair share of atrocious anomalies the likes of which we hope we never see again.

It’s a little harsh, sure, but some of these automakers didn’t do themselves any favors by rolling these out without getting input from people who probably would’ve told them that their concepts needed a do-over. But alas, these concepts are here to stay, and we’ll forever be reminded that, at various points in 2018, we were subjected to their ugliness.


10 of the Ugliest Concept Cars from 2018 Exterior - image 778320

On paper, the Mercedes-Maybach Vision Luxury Concept should have been better. It was largely based on the Vision 6 Concept and it was prepared with the sole purpose of making Rolls-Royce sweat. But when Mercedes unveiled the concept at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show, the only thing the folks over at Goodwood, England did was snicker. They weren’t alone.
It’s hard to believe how Mercedes could have whiffed on a concept as badly as it did with the Vision Ultimate Luxury.

The idea was good, sure, but the execution, specifically with the exterior, didn’t amount to anything. The front section of the concept actually stayed true to the styling of the Vision 6 Concept, but the rear section is where everything fell apart. It’s unclear if Mercedes intentionally wanted to combine the utilitarian looks of an SUV with a rear end of a sedan, but the aesthetic combination does not work. Not in the least bit. That missed opportunity on that end created an awkward-looking profile, specifically when viewed from the side. If this is Mercedes’ interpretation of a future Mercedes-Maybach SUV, it probably needs to go back to the drawing board and give the design a do-over.

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