10 Sickest Concept Cars From The Last Decade That Never Hit Production

Concept cars are on display at car shows held every year all over the U.S. and at international locations. Thousands of people regularly attend these events hoping to see all the latest vehicle designs from the world’s top carmakers. But perhaps more intriguing to these throngs than the manufacturer’s next year model on display, are the concept cars most of which can never be purchased but demonstrate styles, features, and performance characteristic of future automobiles.

Also seen are ideas and renderings from individuals, whether they be students at design school or professional graphic artists. Many of the styling cues and rare technologies might seem ridiculous at the time, but these companies do have some hopes of potentially incorporating them in their lineups in the future.

An example is the introduction of the Tesla Model S as a concept car in 2009. Unveiled at a private event in Southern California, the electric car boasted an estimated 300-mile range, specs that seem ambitious, to say the least, especially coming from a startup company. Many believed the revolutionary electric car would never materialize.

However, in 2012, Tesla Motors delivered on all the performance promises and produced a “home run” for the company. The Model S with P85 D (dual motor) accelerates to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds and has a range of 295 miles. Those performance numbers were far ahead of every competitor at the time.

Here are 10 amazing concept cars from the last decade that never hit production but contributed to the future of automobile technology in some form or another.


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