12 Concept Cars That Became Real

It had a silly name. It had butterfly doors. It had levels of aero-efficient body layering that’d put a Sara Lee cake to shame and a three-cylinder engine with a pair of electric motors. In a BMW!

But as astonishing as that original ‘Vision EfficientDynamics’ concept was, it was accompanied with a general mood of: ‘Yeah, but it’ll never look like that’. BMW itself even admitted the car only ‘previewed styling ideas’.

Fast forward a few years, and it seems that preview was actually a facsimile. Because the new BMW i8 is finally amongst us, and… the only thing changed the original 2009 concept car is the silly name.

OK, so a few other details have altered, but by and large, this slice of the future looks like – in the words of TG’s Paul Horrell – an escaped concept car. Excellent, therefore.

But it’s a rare thing for manufacturers to promise the future and actually deliver it. So the BMW i8 now slots into the esteemed annals of Production Cars That Look Pretty Much Identical To Their Concept Car Previews. A catchy title, you’ll agree. Click through for some of the most iconic, and feel free to chime in below with your own suggestions.

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