Isn’t it fun to dream?  Essentially that’s what automobile designers get to do every day.  Their dreams start with sketches and drawings, and if they’re lucky culminate in mockups or even road worthy prototypes.  The ultimate recognition is commercialization and full production.  But the cars look best to me in the “dream state” where they have features and characteristics often too expensive for the resulting production car.  Or the designs are not practical for everyday use.  It’s in this spirit that I offer these 14 exciting concept cars.

BMW i8 Concept

According to BMW, “The BMW i8 Concept has the heart of a plug-in hybrid and the soul of a sports car. This high performance plug-in hybrid coupe boasts astonishing fuel efficiency and can take you soaring from 0 to 62 mph in a mere 4.6 seconds.”

Acura NSX Concept

From Acura, “For Acura designers and engineers, the NSX Concept is a chance to test the boundaries between evolution and revolution.  Two decades ago, the original NSX brought Acura to the pinnacle of performance.  Now, with an NSX Concept based on the efficiency of hybrid power and all-wheel-drive, Acura once again shows that ultra-high performance is at the core of our DNA.”

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