15 Of The Ugliest Concept Cars You’ll Regret Seeing

The Suzuki Q-Concept is a compact concept car that comes in an odd shape. If you stand on one side and look at it, you’ll say that it looks like a fishbowl on wheels. If you move on the other side and look at it, you’ll say that it looks like a gigantic portable CD player. That’s a bit of a step back for a futuristic car because CDs and CD players are obsolete, if ever that was its inspiration.

In terms of performance, the Suzuki Q-Concept has a range of approximately 6 miles. Hence, it performs like a motorcycle for a compact car. That might be something insufficient, especially for travelers of the future.

Moreover, the car is fully see-through. Hence, it omits that sense of privacy you usually get when driving a car. Since it’s see-through, you might have a tough time driving it in broad daylight.


The Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept is absolutely fugly! It looks like a massive toaster with wheels, and that’s something no one wants to be seen driving. Apparently, it’s a fail as an homage to the Generation Z of this luxury car manufacturer.

Mercedez-Benz plans it to be designed and made for millennials, specifically, those who were born after 1995. The idea was to come up with a futuristic concept car, but this might be something way ahead of the future… way, way ahead… like never existing any time soon.

Also, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept is a massive car, which is an irony because, in Tokyo, you’d want to have a compact car because the streets are usually narrow and tight. Furthermore, it’s difficult to figure out how to ride this car because how do you open the doors?!

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