17 Reasons Tesla Won’t Be A Wise Purchase For A While ( And 5 Things They Got Right)

Tesla is one of those newer automotive companies that have been disrupting the century-old industry with their innovation with electric vehicles. While there are a ton of reasons that Tesla is a company that needs to be given the chance, today we are going to go over why Tesla as an automotive manufacturer won’t be a smart purchase for quite some time.

Innovation is one of the things that the company might have gotten right, but as a whole, the world is still stuck on the traditional combustion engine, which doesn’t seem to be slowing down in terms of production through some of the most known brands in the world.

Fortunately, those like Tesla are taking the helm and innovating while most of the others haven’t. Being that Tesla still is a young company started just before 2010, there is a large area of improvement that needs to be had before there will be more widespread Tesla vehicles taking over the roads around the world.

Here are 17 of the reasons why Tesla won’t be a good purchase for quite a few years to come, later we will also go into five of the things that Tesla got right when it comes to their vehicles.


This is one of the main concerns for many buyers in the market, the price tag of the Tesla vehicles.

Think about the average consumer, most people in the market are looking to purchase a vehicle in the $20,000 to $30,000 range, where a Tesla is starting at $60,000 and up, with some such as the P100D reaching close to $100,000. Tesla has hit the mark on many things, but for the average consumer, this isn’t cost effective quite yet.

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