18 Weird Concept Cars That Never Even Stood A Chance

Have you ever been driving down the street and seen a really weird (I mean completely not normal) car pass you by? I mean the kind of car that makes you quickly crane your neck around trying to get a better glimpse of the monstrosity before it disappears from view. It’s what used to happen to people the first time they saw a DeLorean. Or the first time they saw a Porsche 918 Spyder on the road (I saw one myself right after they came out in 2010 – it was unsettling at best). Perhaps it’s even happened to you with a Lambo in a color you didn’t expect (Soylent Green, anyone?) or a rehabbed old Chrysler complete with the infamous “shark eye” headlights and tail fins.

Here’s what all of these cars, from the oldsters to this year’s models, have in common – they were all concept cars at some point. That’s right; these weren’t your classic Henry Ford “line ‘em up and knock ‘em out” mass-production vehicles that most of us buy to this day but cars that were supposed to be imaginative, cutting-edge, and “next generation.” These are cars that the automaker spent a lot of time, energy, and money researching before unleashing them at auto shows and hoping for a big splash that would maybe contribute to actual production a few years down the road. These are cars where dreaming big and design flights of fancy were encouraged.

So…what happens then when a concept car is a total disaster and the automaker would rather you forgot the car ever existed? Why, I come in and remind everyone about those cars, of course. Here are 18 such cars.


First of all, Peugeot, what’s with the crazy name for this vehicle? The car doesn’t have anything to do with any movies that I know of, and the play on words doesn’t make any sense since it also doesn’t appear to have anything to do with cows. Weird.

But here’s another problem with the Moovie: it looks like a hamster’s exercise wheel.

Maybe the designers were trying to make some kind of metaphorical point about the futility of modern life and how we’re all stuck in the rat race, but I kind of doubt it. Instead, they just made a weird-looking pet toy. Here’s another thing about the Moovie that’s a little bit frightening: it doesn’t look safe – not at all, not for one red-hot minute.

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