18 Weird Concept Cars That Never Even Stood A Chance


Here’s one of the major problems with the whole idea of a concept car; if you employ a whole bunch of futuristic nonsense in the car’s design, and ten years later, it still looks too futuristic, then you’ve failed. Massively. That’s exactly what happened with this fantastical offering from Mercedes-Benz.

The “Vision” wasn’t so much visionary as it was ridiculous. It didn’t have normal doors. Instead, you could only get in the car from the left side. It didn’t have normal seats. Instead, you had to sit on a weird sectional-style couch. It didn’t even have normal wheels but instead had ones that lit up as they spun. The whole thing looked like something out of a 1950s sci-fi movie. It sure didn’t look, act, or seem like a car.


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