18 Weird Concept Cars That Never Even Stood A Chance

Well, I have to admit it – I’m a little bit stumped. I don’t even know what to say about this freakish offering from Suzuki, a total fail of a car that was unleashed at the 2003 Tokyo motor show and was intended to be a “party” vehicle, whatever that is. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then this one must be worth ten thousand – all of them bad.

Fortunately for all of us, I don’t need to write ten thousand or even one thousand words on this disaster. And anyway, no one would read it if I did. Instead, I’ll use just three words on this cross between a Deadhead’s Microbus fantasy and Austin Power’s crash pad. Those three words are for you, Suzuki Mobile Terrace, and they are: Get. Out. Now.


OK, if you thought the last offering from Suzuki was a little bit “unsettling,” then you’re going to love the Q concept. There’s your obligatory dose of sarcasm right there. If you actually do, for some twisted reason you probably shouldn’t share publicly, really love this car, leave now; you and I are no longer friends.

The Q Concept is about as strange a car as you’ll ever see. Since it’s a Suzuki, it was never gonna blow you away with its performance, but this 2011 offering totally underwhelms in the visual appeal department as well.

I mean, c’mon… it looks like an aquarium. It looks like something your kid would put his goldfish in. It also had a whopping range of six miles. Yup, you could go further on your kid’s tricycle than this thing.

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