20 Concept Cars That Should Be Released By 2020

Concept cars are an odd beast. Sometimes they’re purely made for fun, like Jeep’s Easter Safari lineup every year. Other times, the cars actually are used to create a production model. Sometimes the difference between the concept and the production vehicle can leave you feeling a little disappointed or completely surprised.

The following are 21 concept cars that should be released by 2020.

Toyota Supra

Shrouded in mystery, the Toyota Supra has been making a painfully long return to the market. While it won’t be packing the legendary 2JZ, it does use a platform co-developed with BMW. All kinds of rumors are circulating about what will be under the hood, but all indications are the engine won’t be monumentally powerful. Instead, the resurrected Supra likely will emphasize balance and sharp handling over straight-line acceleration. We should see this car hit the market sometime in 2019. Tuned versions with oversized exhausts should hit the streets by 2020.


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