20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020

July is definitely a month for car-obsessed people. There are two Formula-1 races taking place in July. Moreover, beginning of the month marks the anniversary of the 3th of July in 1886 when Karl Benz started an engine of the very first automobile, powered by petroleum. Since then 127 years passed by, but engineers and designers still have endless amount of ideas, find out undiscovered designs, unidentified forms and dreams about the life in the future will look like.

Computer graphics is extremely favorable for modeling these fantasies. It allows a designer anything: to play with forms, textures, volumes, colours, to choose radical designs, to apply features of favourite superheroes and to give a vision that a car will make you fly in speed of light. These car models are far from the reality, innovative and hundred years ahead of the casual ones. CGTrader represents a carefully selected gallery of 20 concept car renderings especially for your pleasure. All of them were created using 3D modeling software.

So, let’s go for a short trip to the future and take a glance at post-modern vehicles, and simply admire their beauty.

Tron Light Cycle Reboot, 2013

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 1

Surely everyone recognizes this speed monster. It is a model of Light Cycle that appeared in 2010 movie Tron: Legacy. You would never believe, but this futuristic artwork is actually on sale for the decent price of $55,000. Moreover, you have to enlist yourself and then wait for ages to spend your salary that would be enough for the next half a year to cover living expenses. This concept vehicle features a 40,000 Watt motor powered by custom lithium-ion batteries – so it can zip you through the dark city streets at up to 100 mph. The blue glow is made possible thanks to OLED light tape, and the thing takes three hours to charge.

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