20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020

Heavy Unit F D Automotive Concept Car , 2012

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 2

It seems to be a deadly car. Extremely deadly concept. It reminds me Humvee car, but this one is purely conceptual. Who knows, but it may be a prototype of a future war car, hiding turbo speed and a machine-gun beneath the sophisticated forms. Until it does not start shooting, I would get a ride with pleasure.

The New 300 SL Gullwing, 2006

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 3

Speed. Speed. Speed. It is the only thing that matters. This car is like Puma animal: unexpected, fast, beautiful, relaxing and hypnotizing. Actually, this model was an attempt to revive legendary vehicle of Mercedes Benz with fresh design and reinterpreted design elements for the new century. Actually, SL model has started a totally fresh era for the industry. Rumours say that Mercedes is indeed working on a modern version of the Gullwing year 2011 model.

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