20 Futuristic Concept Cars From The World’s Next Great Designers

Last week, I visited what is essentially the neo-natal ward of the automotive design industry: ArtCenter’s school of Transportation Design.

I already showed you the Lincoln concept by one of the designers, and today I’d like to give you this broader overview of the other incredible work I saw. Tomorrow I’ll have video interviews with the instructor and some of the designers, so stay tuned— it’s fascinating stuff.

So, come on, let’s see what we’ve got here!

One of the first models that caught my eye was this idea for a Rolls-Royce city car. The idea itself is so delightfully perverse that I love it. Though, if you think about it, Aston Martin’s Toyota/Scion iQ-based Cygnet has really opened up the possibility of something like this. It retains a variant of the traditional grille, even though it’s got a rear-mounted electric motor. So it looks like my grilles on electric cars question will still be haunting me in the future. The headlight treatment is very novel— they sort of feel like expensive spectacles or something.

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