20 Worst Concept Cars Of The Last Couple Of Decades

Automakers use concept cars for two purposes: to preview a future production vehicle and to play with design themes and possibilities. Plenty of times the design teams are given quite a bit of freedom. Sometimes that results in some amazing creations. Other times the outcome is a truckload of ugly funkiness. The following are the worst concept cars from the last two decades. Anyone with a sensitive stomach might consider puking in the toilet before continuing. You’ve been warned.

Nissan Nails

Yes, it’s supposed to be a pickup truck, and for some odd reason it’s named the Nails Concept. Things only get worse from there. Nissan thought the whole point of future vehicles wasn’t “a means of transportation” but instead “a tool for communicating with friends.” Back in 2001 that meant the super-advanced technology of cell phones, plus a really weird infotainment-type screen on the dash. Why the payload was surrounded by two pipe-like members is a mystery, considering they don’t provide much depth or a solid barrier for carrying the kind of stuff people often throw in pickups. Nissan designers also thought it’d be cool if the tailgate flipped up with a hinge at one end, kind of like a giant jackknife. As you can see, the rest of this concept is just painful to look at.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo

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