5 Phenomenal Concept Cars That Sharpen The Cutting Edge

For driving enthusiasts, the car is a mechanized manifestation of freedom. After all, beyond the steering wheel lies a horizon of infinite possibilities. Equally infinite, it seems, are the vast array of vehicles drawn up by designers to fuel innovation within the industry.

The late Carroll Shelby once stated; “I’ve always been asked, ‘What is my favorite car?’ and I’ve always said ‘The next one.” Here are five phenomenal concepts that represent the “next one” like never before.

Postmodern Muscle

An investment of up to $3 million could make a prototype possible.

Concept: Cunningham Syntax

Designer: Matthew Cunningham

Odds of Production: Time and money are the only roadblocks to reality

A muscle car for tomorrow, the Cunningham Syntax exquisitely communicates industrial designer Matthew Cunningham’s ethos on aesthetics. “A good design is all about balancing constraint systems—a triadic constellation of beauty, virtue, and utility,” says the creative, who has contributed to films—including the upcoming Aquaman—and consulted for BMW, the Volkswagen Group, and other major automakers. “This particular concept is an ecological, all-electric American muscle car built off of a cubic aluminum extrusion space frame with bioplastic parts and modular drivetrain components,” says Cunningham. He explains that frame and body-panel production processes were conceived to “dramatically reduce cost and improve the environmental impact of manufacturing,” respectively.

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