5 Things You’ll Learn on Your First Backpacking Trip

Some packs are designed incredibly well, making them so comfortable you may forget you have one on. However, there is certain terrain that requires a little extra balance or weight distribution, and it’s these times that you realize you have extra weight on your back. You find yourself leaning a little and using those ab muscles to stay upright. Luckily, hiking poles help greatly with balance and this is a great time to appreciate those ab muscles that might not be so visible.

You Are More Susceptible to Blisters

There’s something about backpacking that seems to bring on the blisters, even when wearing your go-to hiking shoes that you’ve never had an issue with before. I have a couple of theories. One is that the extra weight of your pack might change the way you’re walking, putting pressure on different parts of your feet than your normal gait would. Another thought is that your body is heating up, causing your feet to sweat, which can increase the chance of getting blisters. Luckily, I have found that wool socks and Bodyglide help a lot with preventing blisters. Also, having camp shoes can really help to air your feet out and give them some relief at the end of the day.

Simple Daily Tasks Take Longer

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