6 Tesla Upgrades Even Elon Musk Wouldn’t Take (And 14 Worth Every Penny)

The Model 3 is Tesla’s Model T, or at least that’s the plan. It’s economical electric power for the working man. All things considered, if you’re an average person in good standing with your creditors, you should have no problem financing the easily-digestible $35,000 base-price—provided you have credit history and aren’t a starving college student with more debt than your life is worth. If you really consider that for what it is, it’s pretty fantastic.

Think about it. The Tesla pricing structure allows just about anyone to own a piece of cutting-edge automotive technology and participate in a global scheme of renewable energy. It all sounds fine and dandy until you get down into the nitty-gritty of how all of this really works. What you may not realize is that though Tesla does offer an econo-priced EV to the general public, well within reach of the everyday-man, that base price is only for a barebones offering that might as well just be a skeleton of a car from which to build upon. The entry-level Model 3 starts at $30,000, but soon options will be available that will put the car closer to $87,000 when fully-equipped.

It’s about right here that you begin to ask yourself what exactly is going on? How does a car have options that are worth double (or more) the base price of the car itself? The answer depends on what you value; but since you can’t make one of these at home in your garage, you have to pay a premium. What started out as an entry-level “grown-up” car just became more expensive than their S model (as well as many other premium luxury cars) when fully equipped. The more appropriate question to ask here is, “What would Musk do?” Are the upgrades really worth the asking price? The answers may surprise you.


It’s comparable to an engine, in a way, but this designation just signifies how much juice you want. It’s like Tesla horsepower if you will. Now, before you go and get all excited about 75 electric-horses, you should know that this is the least-exciting option to order your Tesla in. The 75-series is the base package that has a limited range of 237 miles, and it’s not like you can just have a tow truck come out and top off your battery with electrons. Range is very important for electric cars, especially in areas without an extensive charging network.

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