8 Cars, Concepts and Technologies That Ruled 2019 CES

Cars that drive on their own, talk to each other and even step over obstacles are all part of the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas. CES is more than just a hazy hint of some distant, imaginary future of rainbow-powered flying cars. In fact, the show gives a highly detailed glimpse of what you might drive — or, more precisely, what could soon drive you — only a few years down the road.

In some cases, like with the latest Nissan Leaf electric car and its 200-plus miles of range, the tech previewed at CES is only months away. Over at Mercedes-Benz, the EQC all-electric SUV doesn’t just represent a new addition to the German automaker’s lineup of alternatively powered vehicles — the SUV, which hits dealers in 2020, helps usher in a whole EQ-badged sub-brand that will eventually comprise 10 electric vehicles by 2025.

Want something more outlandish and futuristic? The Hyundai Elevate concept could double as a “Transformers” character. Instead of regular wheels and axles, the spiderlike Elevate has articulating legs to roll down a normal street, pick its way over rough terrain and even climb stairs or cross treacherous gaps. The goal is to provide ultimate vehicle freedom regardless of conditions.

Keep reading to learn more about the wildest, most fascinating automotive tech revealed at CES 2019:

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