8 Excellent Ultralight Backpacking Knives

I’ve merged my enthusiasm for knives and backpacking to bring you a list of backpacking blades that each weigh less than two ounces and are capable enough to handle trail life. Since every person is different, I put several options together so that you can find one that fits your needs and mode of carry (how and where you carry it on your person). These options are in no particular order since one knife won’t be theknife for everyone.

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD
Folding Knife / Multi-Tool
Retail: $13-$25

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD

Mini Review: The Classic SD is one of the most popular knives on the trail for good reason. It’s technically a multi-tool and is of the lightest options available. The seven functions include:  blade, scissors, nail file, screwdriver (2.5 mm), key ring, toothpick, and tweezers. Drawbacks include a small blade and the small fit in the hand (ergonomics) making it harder to hold than some other options, especially since the handle is slick and offers no texturing to improve grip. This would be compounded when exhausted and fine motor skills are more difficult, as well as in the rain, snow, or high humidity. Still, it has better ergonomics than a razor blade and multiple functions, making it a safer, capable ultralight option.


Overall Length3.75in
Blade Length1.5in
Blade Material (steel)1.4110 or X55CrMo14
Handle MaterialCellidor
Model Number0.6223






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