8 Excellent Ultralight Backpacking Knives

VERY Light weightpoor ergonomics
multi-functionblade length (small)
small / pack-ableedge retention
good track record
low maintenance







Leatherman Micra
Retail: $30

Leatherman Micra

Mini Review: Some people will want the maximum amount of tools for the least weight, and the Leatherman Micra strikes that balance. It has the most robust pair of scissors you’ll get for the weight. 11 functions of this tool include: blade, scissors, flat/phillips screwdriver, ruler, nail cleaner, tweezers, bottle opener, nail file, medium screwdriver, extra-small screwdriver, and key ring. With a hardy construction and stainless steel, this should be low maintenance and will last on long hikes. One draw back is that this has more capacity to trap dirt among the tools, but it should be easy to clean it out. The blade on the Micra is almost the same length as the Classic SD, but if you planned to carry a separate bottle opener or want a more robust, easy-to-handle pair of scissors, this might be your best bet. Besides, none of these other knives will have a ruler! Is having the extra tools worth the extra .8 ounces over the Classic SD? That’s for you to answer.


Overall Length4.1in
Blade Length1.6in
Blade Material (steel)420HC Stainless Steel
Handle MaterialAluminum
Model Number0.6223


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