8 Excellent Ultralight Backpacking Knives

large scissorsblade length (small)
durableedge retention
small / pack-ablemay trap/accumulate dirt
low maintenance
useful off-trail






Vargo Titanium Wharn-clip
Fixed Blade
Retail: $40-$60

Vargo WharnClip Knife

Mini Review: Vargo has made a very lightweight fixed-blade knife by using a titanium alloy instead of stainless steel. The titanium alloy allows the metal to be precipitation hardened, so a normally soft metal can now be effectively used as a knife blade. The result is a large blade at a very low weight. Vargo also includes a lightweight sheath for the fixed blade, plus included a clip in the handle. This makes it easy to access and pack almost anywhere. One drawback is that any “hard” use may dull this blade faster than others, since its properties are still softer than other metals. Additionally, the handle is thin and without handle scales (keeping the weight down) making the knife bite into your hand during use, which may be uncomfortable and less ergonomic than other options. With a great blade shape for trail life and a stunningly low weight, you might enjoy this knife if you want a large blade at minimum weight.


Overall Length5.4in
Blade Length2.7in
Blade MaterialTitanium alloy
Handle MaterialTitanium alloy
Weight0.7oz (1oz with sheath)
Model NumberT-439







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