Best Programming Language for Games: 15 Game Programming Languages Reviewed

With games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Fornite making millions of dollars in revenue each week, it’s no surprise game industry has become the poster child of modern technological advancement. Game programming falls under the category of systems programming, a type of programming paradigm used for creating standalone applications, like computer games! So, how do companies like Rockstar and Capcom develop such modernized games? What is the best programming language for games?

If you’re a new programmer searching the answer to such questions, you’re in the right place. Here, at Ubuntupit, our dedicated team of veteran developers has curated this guide outlining the best game design programming language for you to know. Stay with us throughout this guide to learn all nitty-gritty details concerning the best programming language for games. Continue Reading to Find out More About the Best Game Programming Languages


It should not come as surprising seeing C++ as the best programming language for games in almost every guide you read. The pioneer of modern game programming languages, C++ adds the concept of Object Oriented programming(OOP) onto its predecessor C. The ability to control very low-level system components has contributed a very fast running time for C++ programs, a much-needed element in game programming.

C++ programming language

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