How Long-Distance Backpacking Changes Your Relationship with the Outdoors

id you know National Trails Day is coming up? Did you know it existed? On June 3rd, clubs and organizations around the country will host trail building, maintenance, and educational events to spread the word and get over 1,000 miles of local, regional, and national trails built and maintained.

To celebrate National Trails Day, we polled thru-hikers to get the official answer to we pretty much already knew:

We know, this was already pretty obvious. Who undertakes an extended backpacking trip if they don’t love the outdoors? But we also know that lot of times, our appreciation for such things doesn’t necessarily extend to giving back. But the best thing we learned from this survey is that people who hit the trail for an extended period of time end up giving back to the community and the trails, whether it’s financial donations or volunteering.

Overall Poll Results

Did you contribute to the trail community before your hike?


Did you contribute to the trail community after your hike?


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