How To Use Graffiti Art To Improve Your Street Photography

Before graffiti (or street art) was widely appreciated by onlookers and practiced by underground artists around the world, it was considered simple and thoughtless vandalism. Fortunately, majority of the world has caught on and taken notice of the beauty of these meaningful pieces of art often found on the walls of our neighborhoods.

For many street photographers, graffiti art has also changed the way their photos are typically composed. With an interesting new background for their images, they’ve started paying more attention to that element in the frame instead of just focusing on their subjects, thus creating more creative opportunities for each shot.

In this article, we’ll provide you with some helpful tips on how you can use these unique scribblings and paintings to improve your images when doing street photography.

How Graffiti Art Can Improve Street Photography

big retro-inspired graffiti art

Colorful street art is often best observed in person, but more and more people are featuring it in photos and showing it off to wider audiences. But while this provides graffiti artists with the benefit of gaining more exposure, it also offers a great benefit for street photographers as it can improve their images in the following ways:

Provides an interesting backdrop for portraits

Graffiti is typically made of colorful patterns, designs, lines, shapes, and more. Therefore, when you get tired of those dull sidewalks and roads, graffiti walls can also serve as a good background for shooting portraits of people.

Serves as a compelling subject in itself

Apart from just looking aesthetically pleasing, graffiti art is also filled with meaning—just like any other type of artwork. This makes it an interesting photography subject all on its own, even without adding a focal subject such as a person or an animal.

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