Important Programming Languages For Ethical Hacking

Hacking has become a very popular thing among computer enthusiasts. In fact, most people pursue it as a full-time career. One of the basic requirements that you need to have in order to be an ethical hacker is coding skills. You should have a proper grasp of various programming languages. But, which languages should you use?

Well, here are the must-know programming languages for ethical hackers.

Programming Languages For Ethical Hackers


Python Programming Language for Ethical Hackers

The simplicity of Python is unrivalled. You can study the language and build powerful applications within a few months after you are done with the studying. When it comes to hacking, Python provides a fertile ground for building offensive hacking tools.

The language is perfect for developing and testing different security measures. You can execute basic hacking activities without breaking a sweat. The flexibility of Python programming makes it a darling to budding ethical hackers. It can be used on both stand-alone and web applications. It is also a go-to language for building bioinformatic applications. Most hackers prefer Python to be their primary programming language. This is mainly because of its simplicity and versatility.

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