Every street photographer devotes time and attention to choosing the perfect camera for street photography. Choosing the right kit is an essential part of the enjoyment of street photography. If one makes the wrong choice, it will most probably ruin the overall experience for him/her. However there are other things a street photographer should invest some research time into. Such as camera accessories.

Accessories play an important part in one’s comfort. So today, I am going to review one of those accessories, the camera strap. In my opinion, the most important thing in a street photographer’s arsenal after the camera (and lens). It plays a very important role in the overall experience and especially during long street photography sessions that last well over 4-5 hours. At least that is how I feel.

The Hyperion Camera Straps For Street Photography

Before I start I would like to repeat what I always say when I write a post like this, which is that this review is from a completely personal point of view. Neither myself nor any of the other Editors are a camera expert or a camera accessories expert. We are not pro camera gurus or have any affiliation with any particular camera or camera accessory brand. All gear that we have reviewed we have used extensively in the streets. In this post you will be reading my personal opinion about the Hyperion Camera Straps For Street Photography, so if you are interested read on.

After you have read this post if you feel that there is something I have missed, or something that you would have liked me to include, please feel free to make your suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page. During this review I will discuss the Hyperion Camera Straps build quality, design & comfort, ease of use and value.

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