Small Camera Packs a Big Punch: Kyoto Street Photography with the Fuji X-T20

Arriving in Kyoto, I am holding onto Fujifilm’s X-T20 pre-production unit #48. I’ve had it for 3 months now and, to be honest, it competes for attention with the other cameras in my dry-box, all of them waiting for their turns to come out and play.

Mostly in a hurry, I would grab the Fujifilm X70 for daily use and for its familiarity.

It was only when I started packing for a work-holiday to Japan that it occurred to me to carry the X-T20 as my sole camera body. It is small, it has all the quick dials on top like the X-T2 and film cameras, and the lenses can be swapped out—which means I get to shoot on primes.

For an enjoyable two-week trip, the kit had to be light enough for long hours of carry every day for 14 days. I shoot mostly people on the street, what you call street photography. But because anything can happen on such a long holiday, the kit had to be versatile enough for all possible conditions—intense sunlight, gloomy alleys, and also Maiko hunting in Gion.

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