Strange Concept Cars On Display At Toronto Auto Show

The i-TRIL was initially revealed at last year’s Geneva Motor Show and drew quite a bit of attention for its outlandish looks and strange driving behavior. The car actually leans into curves like a motorcyclist would, tilting the front wheels and even the cabin up to 10 degrees while it banks around a tight urban corridor. The back wheels remain firmly flat, so the passengers would have this impression of being in an electrically-powered fighter jet.

Toyota i-TRIL

On top of its unique styling and unique steering, the i-TRIL is also capable of fully autonomous driving. Just sit down, press a button, and let the little tilty-car take you to your destination.

Toyota expects urban commuter cars to look like this in the future, say around the year 2030. Although, we’d expect Toyota to take out the middle swivel chair and install rowed seating to be more space efficient.

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