Sweet Concept Cars Better Than Anything We’re Getting In 2019

It goes without saying; 1950s technology was only as advanced as our science was at the time. Forced-induction wasn’t new but we were just starting to experiment with it. The end result tended to be an archaic approach to problem-solving; things like airplane engines addressed power deficiencies but did little for everyday practicality.

While we don’t see anything wrong with aviation powerplants installed in automobiles, there are better ways to amass unholy amounts of power beneath the hood. Besides, we’ve almost mastered the internal combustion engine as much as we’re ever going to. With widespread EV-proliferation right around the corner, the internal combustion engine is “on the glideslope” to its final destination. (A glideslope is the “theoretical” 3° line that aircraft typically “ride” into a destination airport on final approach.)

Gasoline is on a fast track to the same place we banished coal and steam power to and it’s only a matter of time before the last “piston-pounder” rolls off a production line. Anything we do to it now is, in a sense, just a “Last Caress” (Misfits fans know).

Although we’ve come to “expect” massive heaps of power from these razor-sharp prototypes (as we rightfully should), some of them don’t even come with an engine! Instead, they aim to serve as rolling test beds for new technology—and a platform to showcase it all! Luckily for us, most of these concepts do, in fact, come with engines. What they don’t come with is a 2019 release date, even though promises were made.


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