Tesla Model X Vs. Rivian R1S: A Comparison Of Two Leading Electric SUVs

With more and more electric cars encroaching on a market that Tesla has dominated since the modern all-electric vehicle came about, there is now another area Tesla may have to watch their back in. Having had the only all-electric SUV in the game for the past three years with its Model X, competition is popping up overseas and in the states.

Jaguar’s I-Pace and Audi’s e-tron, have both appeared recently, however, the newly revealed R1s by a company called Rivian has set its eyes on dethroning its better-known competition. Headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, the company claims as many as 410 miles of range out of the R1S, and that’s not the only thing Tesla should be starting to feel a little bit worried about.


The Tesla Model X uses a liquid-cooled lithium ion battery.  Tesla offers two different pack sizes for the Model X. The 75D package includes a 75-kWh battery and Tesla’s higher-end 100D and P100D packages include a 100-kWh battery. The Rivian R1S has its choice of three battery sizes. Its smallest 105 kWh battery option gives you a little more than the 75 kWh battery of Tesla’s Model X. A 135 kWh mid-range battery is also offered as an option, and the whopping 180-kWh pack is the largest offered by the R1S.


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