The 10 Coolest Concept Cars Of The Past Decade

Throngs of people regularly descend upon convention centers all over the country hoping to see all the latest mobility machinery to come from the world’s top carmakers. But more than looking at cars scheduled to come out in the next year, people really pack the show floors to see all the concept cars that they will never, ever be able to purchase.

First used by Buick as a marketing tool in 1938, the concept car has become a mainstay of the automotive industry, showcasing technologies, materials, and ideas that could possibly change the way we commute. Some concept cars look like they could drive out of the booth and be at home on a modern-day street, while some look as if they were built by Hollywood prop designers. The past decade has given us some of the most inventive concept cars—from three-wheeled urban commuters to minivans that could double as living rooms. Check out the 50 Coolest Concept Cars of the Past Decade.

Lexus 2054

Debut: Minority Report
Year: 2002
Complex Says: You gotta love Steven Spielberg. Before production began on Minority Report, Spielberg hit up Lexus and asked it to design a car that would look at home 50 years in the future. We can only pray that cars look this dope when our grandkids are whipping around.

Aston Martin Lagonda

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