The 8 Coolest Concept Cars Revealed So Far This Year

We haven’t even reached February, and we’ve already seen a number of flashy concept cars revealed at CES and the Detroit auto show.

While concept cars don’t always turn into production models, they can give consumers a sense of where the auto industry is heading. If this latest batch of concept cars is any indication, car companies are planning for a future of electric and self-driving cars.

Take a look at our favorite concepts released this year so far.

Byton all-electric SUV

The Chinese startup Byton revealed an all-electric SUV concept at CES. Though it won’t be identical to the production version (Byton said the concept represents about 85% of it) that is scheduled for release in 2019, it gives us a pretty good sense of what the final product will look like.

Byton calls the SUV a “smart intuitive vehicle”

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