The Coolest Dodge Concept Cars We’ve Ever Seen

Let’s face it – concept cars are the cars we all want. These are the custom made vehicles, with all of the coolest gadgets, the most futuristic designs, and often the heftiest price tags. Unfortunately, many never make it to the production stage, and so they disappear with the concept model, never to be seen by the public or driven again, but relegated to a showroom or a museum for the rest of its days.

And while the current Dodge lineup, available now at the Dodge Miami, FL dealer near you, is undeniably impressive, it’s some of Dodge’s most impressive concept vehicles that really reaffirm our love of this premium brand.

Here are some of the coolest Dodge concept cars we’ve ever seen, in no particular order. Who knows – maybe you’ve seen one too.

Dodge Kahuna

Dodge Kahuna

This beach-ready beauty, first released in 2003, takes its styling cues from the classic wood-paneled station wagons popular among surfers in the 1960s. This minivan came in a Pacific Blue exterior with three rows of flexible, storage-ready seats to fit all your best beach gear. Standard roof racks perfect for hauling surfboards, complement the surfer style, while its 2.4L turbocharged engine could pump out an impressive 215 horsepower for a surprising level of pickup on such a fun vehicle.

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