The Coolest Dodge Concept Cars We’ve Ever Seen

Dodge Copperhead

Dodge Copperhead

Built to be nothing more than a cheaper, stripped version of the popular Dodge Viper, the Copperhead concept model actually impressed everyone with its unique aerodynamic design that still managed to retain most of the muscular styling that made the Viper so attractive. Originally debuted in 2000, this model came in a vivid Copper Fire Orange color that’s exceedingly eye-catching.

Because the Copperhead was never meant to push out the same kind of raw power as the Viper, Dodge designed this model to be much more centered around a pleasurable driving experience. Its low, wide stance gave the Copperhead excellent handling, while a stiff suspension and raised wheelbase gave the driver a firm feeling of the road under the tires.

Dodge Zeo

Dodge ZEO

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