The Coolest New Car Tech Just Dropped at CES

A ton of badass drones, robots, speakers, wearables, and all around face-melting techwere just unleashed on the showroom floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center. But these days, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is just as much a car show as it is an “electronics” show. Many manufacturers head there to show off not the latest and greatest cars, per se, but the state-of-the-art tech that will soon be going in them. This year delivered a bunch of announcements and game-changing concepts that will ultimately revolutionize how we drive down the road.

Faraday Future FFZero1 concept car

OK, sure, the looks are somewhat polarizing, but the entire point of the FFZero1 is to be shocking. Well, not literally shocking — it’s all electric, so that would be bad. It’s a 1,000hp electric supercar, capable of 200mph, and is all about drawing attention to itself and its technology. Don’t think of it as a threat to Tesla, though; its development is purely to test concepts ahead of a (presumably) more toned-down car in the future.

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