Dodge Viper RT/10 Concept (1989)

1989 dodge viper rt 10 concept 2 The Detroit auto shows most memorable concepts

All eyes turned to Dodge as it unveiled the Viper RT/10 Concept at the 1989 edition of the Detroit Auto Show. The brain child of Bob Lutz, the Viper was a way to add much-needed excitement to the Dodge lineup, whose cars had become profitable (at last) but undeniably bland. Early on, Dodge officials referred to the Viper as a modern-day Shelby Cobra.

The concept’s long hood hid a V10 engine designed with input from Lamborghini (which Chrysler owned at the time) starting with a V8 plucked from a Ram truck. Enthusiasts went berserk. Dodge presented the production model during the 1991 Indianapolis 500.

Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray III (1992)

1992 chevrolet corvette sting ray iii 3 The Detroit auto shows most memorable concepts

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