The Most Remarkable Concept Cars Of 2019 Serve Up The Taste Of Future

Automotive technology continues advancing forward at blinding speed. Electric vehicles are inching toward their big tipping point; self-driving technologies are growing and improving; and even the good, old internal combustion engine is learning new tricks. Pretty soon we’ll all be zipping around in the swarm of self-driving, self-charging electric taxi pods. Before we do, we’ll continue getting a taste of that future through the high-powered lens of concept cars. This year’s most memorable concepts included retro-styled electrics, next-gen hypercars and one very uncommon type of off-road hybrid.

Peugeot e-Legend

Modern vehicles may have fast-evolving technology on their side, but oftentimes their styling leaves us nostalgic for our favorite rides of the past. Peugeot very effectively brought past and future together in the present when it debuted the e-Legend concept at this year’s Paris Motor Show. The concept gives the 504 Coupe from the 60s and 70s an ultramodern makeover, leaving an appearance that’s retro while also sleek and contemporary.Peugeot e-Legend concept

Not only does the e-Legend look good, it’s loaded with all the next-gen tech a proper concept car should have. It zips from driveway to parking garage under the power of a 456-hp electric drive that promises up to 373 miles (600 km) of range and 0-62 mph (100 km/h) acceleration ducking below 4 seconds. It packs full Level 5 autonomy but still allows for human driving, letting the driver select the perfect ride via two manual and two autonomous driving modes. When letting the vehicle drive itself, passengers can take full advantage of the 16-screen infotainment system.

Long story short, the e-Legend is an all-electric, fully autonomous car with the immutable soul of a classic.

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