The annual Geneva Motor Show is the automotive industry’s neutral ground. There are no major carmakers based in Switzerland, so every company regardless of nationality stands on equal footing. That means anything goes, ranging from supercars to super-cheap cars to rugged SUVs. And, of course, crazy concept cars.

This year’s edition of the event starts next week, and it’s already shaping up to be a big one. We’ll be on location to bring you live images of all the action straight from the Palexpo center. In the meantime, here are some of the most memorable and quirky concepts from past shows.

BMW Z13 (1993)

The BMW Z13 concept explored what the city car of the future might look like. Envisioned as a sporty commuter, it offered a surprisingly spacious cabin designed around a mid-mounted driver’s seat. The configuration allowed BMW to install rear seats on either side of the driver, giving everyone on board ample leg room in spite of the concept’s relatively small footprint. Folding the rear seatbacks down created a cavernous cargo area deep enough to swallow skis.

Power came from a rear-mounted engine rated at 80 horsepower. That’s not much on paper, but the Z13 weighed just 830 kilograms thanks in part to the widespread use of aluminum. While it never reached production, it’s on the same branch of the BMW family tree as the modern-day i3.

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