Concept cars can be split into two loose groups — those that are pure styling exercises, and those that are mildly modified production cars. The first are often flights of fancy; the latter are typically used to gauge public reaction to a model that will hit the road. Both were well represented in Geneva at the 86th annual Geneva Motor Show.

Opel GT

What is it? The Opel GT concept harks back to a simpler time when the automobile was all about driving fun. The latest GT is reminiscent of the GT Experimental, revealed in 1965. This time around, however, it has no door handles, no exterior mirrors and it’s devoid of windshield wipers. The GT Concept, says Opel, ushers in “a new expression of pure driving passion.”
opelgt 4 These Geneva concepts push the limits of design

opelgt 1 These Geneva concepts push the limits of design

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