Asia, the birthplace of some of the most important and oldest civilizations in the world, is a continent that begs to be explored. An unparalleled sense of diversity permeates through the entire continent, with contrasting cultures, a wide range of gastronomic experiences, juxtaposing landscapes, and astounding histories. In this article we show you the top 10 travel destinations in asia.

It’s practically impossible to wind down the top places you should visit in Asia, the continent is sprawling with 48 countries, some of them big enough to be considered their own worlds, it is diverse, rich and teeming with a sense of life and vibrancy.

From camels exploring deserts to elephants walking around temples nestled in jungles, from black-sand beaches and the Dead Sea to pristine crystal waters, from staggering skyscrapers to floating villages, there’s nothing you won’t find in Asia.

It’s a continent bustling with adventure, spirituality in all of its forms and shapes, solace and countless marvels. Asia is here to astound, to invoke wonder, to incite awe – think of deserts flowing down juxtaposed with snow-capped mountains, think beautiful rivers snaking their way through temples and infested jungles, think skyscrapers next to ancient walls, lost cities and the showcase of a rich, varied culture.

Every country in Asia is worth visiting at least once, every city begs to be explored – but if we had to choose, here are the top 10 destinations that cannot be missed in Asia.


Top 10 Travel Destinations In Asia

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