Top 3 Most Popular Programming Languages In 2018 (and their annual salaries)

Considering the extensive number of the modern programming languages, deciding which one to take by its horns and master can be a strenuous task.

Before deciding on the ‘best’ language to go for, you should evaluate several factors, including your personal preferences and choices.

Bautista, who has more than four years of experience in web development and currently teaches people his skills, says that “one of the best ways to choose the right programming language in 2018 for your use case is to study what is taking place in the technology industry.”

The industry will give you important trends and signals you can use to arrive at your decisions. For example, if you know the programming languages that make the most money in 2018 or are the most popular in 2018, you can suitably adjust the sails to focus on them.

In this post, we are going to evaluate some sources with the intention of coming up with the top three most in demand programming languages 2018.


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