Top 5 Best Concept Cars Of Last 5 Years Ranking

When it comes to cars, some automakers constantly try to solve different problems. One of them is preventing the Earth from becoming a fiery globe. Another one of their goals is to push their limits. However, some of their ideas become reality through the manufacturing of concept cars, which are launched at showrooms. Whether they reach production phase or not, some concept cars remain the best. And we’ve collected the top 5 best concept cars of the last 5 years.


Toyota F1 Toyota F1

Are you convinced that all Toyota cars are boring? Let us knock that thought right out of your mind. How? By presenting you the FT1 concept cars, the best one of 2014, at least in our opinion. It is the most radical-looking sports car concept at the 2014 Detroit show. The automaker only revealed the fact that there will be an internal combustion engine under the hood. They did however reveal some other interesting details, like the use of a retractable rear wing on the back of the car. Aerodynamics are also an important factor on the FT 1, and Toyota says that airflow has been optimized around the car while at race track speeds.


2013 Citroen GT

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