Top Programming Languages For Image Recognition

Image recognition is one of the features that is deployed in most modern devices and programs. The feature has a wide range of applications, the most common one being in security systems. It enables devices to recognize the identity of a person or object just by its image. Face recognition is a product of image recognition.

So, what does it take to create an application or a software that has an image recognition feature? You simply need to program it using a programming language. Of course, there are some languages that can do this job. Here are the best programming languages for image recognition.

Best Programming Language For Image Recognition


matlab programming language for image recognition

Matlab is an independent programming language that has its own framework and IDE which come in a more robust workspace. The programming language comes with a broad range of tools that you can use to handle more technical programming tasks with ease. Image recognition and face processing are some of the tasks that can be handled by Matlab.

Matlab offers an array of built-in tools for matrix calculation. It is imperative to note that image recognition and matrix calculation go hand in hand. Some of the tools that are available in Matlab can perform complex image processing tasks such as cropping, rotating, masking among others.

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