Slowly, the days of the year are running out like the short thread of the candle’s wicker. The anticipation gurgles; no matter how this year went for you, it’s going to end with a bang. After spending time with family during Thanksgiving and unwrapping gifts during Christmas, it’s time to take out your bags for a New Year getaway, somewhere you can celebrate the arrival of a new season in the loudest, best way possible. So where should you be as the calendar changes into a new date? Here are the best travel tips for new year’s eve!

Travel Tips For New Year’s Eve
New York

Brave the madness; the wild crowd coming together at Times Square this midnight only happens once a year, and it’s probably a part of your bucket list to belong there. Don’t be intimidated by the sight of the throng swarming all over the directions; everyone is in their best mood as the count-off starts. Expect a grand parade and a showcase from the stars. After the fireworks, you can wander away from Midtown to enjoy a quiet moment with your friends.

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